Nutrition & Body Composition

Optimal nutrition is essential if you are to reach your athletic potential. We can provide analysis of your body composition providing you with information on percentage body fat, lean mass and somatotype (body type) and your current dietary intake and event feeding practices. From this we can provide recommendations on how to effectively lose weight, increase muscle mass or tailor the timing and type of nutrition around your event.

Body Composition

Skinfold Assessment (£50)


This assessment provides a detailed and accurate analysis of body composition and will identify percentage body fat, lean muscle mass, a skinfold map of fat distribution, total body mass and height and an indication of muscularity, leanness and roundness (somatotype). The assessment involves taking a number of skinfold measures from the arm, trunk and lower limbs, bone widths and several girth measurements. Clients are required to wear shorts and a loose fitting top, as access to skin on the arm, back, waist and legs is required. The assessment take approximately  45 minutes and does not cause any pain. 

Nutritional Assessments

Nutritional Analysis (£100)


This assessment provides a very detailed analysis of your current macronutrient intake (fats, carbohydrates and protein) along with micronutrient intake (vitamins and minerals) along with your current training. From this we can identify areas for improvement in your diet and make recommendations to help you achieve your goals.

This service is perfect for athletes looking to make dietary improvements to support performance and recovery or those simply wanting a more detailed analysis to aid their body composition goals. If you are targeting a specific event, we will also provide event nutrition advice.


The assessment includes an initial telephone consultation during which we will discuss your specific nutrition and exercise goals. This will be followed by the completion and analysis of a 5 day diet diary of everything you eat and drink during those days. We will then provide you with a comprehensive report outlining area for improvement. We will then arrange a call to discuss the report and answer any questions you may have.

Personalised meal plans

We can develop bespoke personalised menu plans to meet your nutritional requirements. This service is best used in conjunction with our nutritional analysis service so we can accurately tailor your meal plan to meet the nutritional analysis. Meal plans can be devised from a single day plan or multiple days. Typically we recommend a 7 day meal plan. Cost for this service is £20 per day planned.

We recommend you call or email us prior to purchasing one of our services so we can suggested to most appropriate package for your needs.

Please contact us at or 07881 817625 to book one of our tests or for further information.



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