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Nutrition for Junior Athletes: A Practical Guide for Parents and Coaches

Good nutritional habits can make a significant impact on athletic performance. This is particularly true for growing youth athletes. When planning what to feed young athletes, parents and coaches not only need to consider the demands of the activity itself, but also the nutritional requirements for growth and development. Research shows that many child athletes don't consume enough calories to sustain exercise and growth effectively. Busy lifestyles rushing from work/school to training can also present challenges for parents and coaches when planning what to feed children.


This book provides an easy to follow guide to help parents and coaches determine exactly how much food and drink to provide, what type of foods and when to feed their aspiring athletes. The information in this book is supported by the most up-to-date scientific research and covers topics including: •macronutrient and micronutrient requirements•weight management•eating disorders •hydration •supplements and ergogenic aids•nutritional timingThe book also contains over 25 simple to make healthy recipes to help fuel your young athletes and optimise performance.

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Nutrition and Exercise Diary

Whether you are training for a specific event or simply trying to improve health and fitnees, your nutrition and training goals are more effectively achieved when you can monitor your progress. This nutrition and exercise diary provides a convenient way to track all your daily macronutrients and training sessions, without the need for expensive fitness watches and smartphones. The A5 size makes is convenient to carry around in your work, college or gym bag.

Track progress: Our diary has each days logs spread over 2 pages back-to-back. The first page is dedicated to your nutritional log for the day, weight and body fat percentage. It also includes a morning hydration score so that you can track your fluid needs. The reverse of each page is use to report wellness ratings for sleep quality, mood, fatigue, stress and muscle soreness, along with your days training, with sections for strength and cardio workout. In addition, as it is know known the female menstrual cycle can have an impact of training, the diary also makes provision to log whether female athletes were on their cycle or not, so they can see the impact this has on training and progression.

Log your training: Unlike many training diaries, ours has enough pages to record 124 days/4 months worth of training and nutrition. There's enough space to log 13 strength/core exercise and 7 cardio exercise per session, ensuring nothing is missed from you diary.

Goal setting: The diary is split into 30 day block, with each starting with sections to record you nutritional and training goals for the coming month. There's also space to record your current weight, body fat percentage and measurements such as chest, arms, legs etc. along with your target measurements by the end of the month. For training, each 30 day block also starts with a page dedicated to recording current 1 repetition maximum scores for each exercise.

Overall, our nutrition and exercise diary provides a comprehensive, but uncluttered, easy to use means of tracking all your key information to help you achieve your goals.

Available from Amazon in paperback (click here or on cover image to buy)

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