Client Testimonials

Angela White ( Ultra-runner)

"I slipped into endurance running as a pastime four or five years ago. However, I have increasingly been struggling with gastro-intestinal distress and colitis, occurring during both long events and in high intensity training runs. Following a recent 24 hour event where I was so badly affected, I miserably started to think I may have to give up running altogether.


Then I met Howard. He kindly reviewed my pre-race/training nutrition and my race day nutrition in the light of my problems and made some recommendations. I carefully followed his advice and, just four weeks after my miserable event, this advice was put to the test in a winter classic over 38 miles with 7000 feet of ascent. I’m delighted to report that, not only were my gut symptoms much improved but I was more than 90 minutes faster than in previous years and still felt strong at the end of the event.


I can’t thank Howard enough for his help with this".

Jane Senior (2016 ETU Long Course Triathlon Age-group Silver Medallist)

"A big factor in my success was my race nutrition, at other IM distance races I have suffered from stomach cramps and nausea on the run which has slowed me down.  With advice from Howard I made a couple of changes to my nutrition strategy that made a significant difference, I felt strong on the run and kept and even pace over the whole distance, I had no cramping and didn’t feel sick". 

Kath Finn (GB Age-group Triathlete)

"You have helped a lot - my weight is now relatively stable and I don't worry about food at the minute so you have saved me loads of mental energy. Also training in general going well and part of that is down to the improved nutrition.  Recovery in particular seems faster".

Julian Pearson (Elite Road Cyclist)

"Howard set out helping me improve my power to weight ratio. He performed regular body composition testing to help track my body fat and lean muscle mass throughout the season. He also provided nutritional analysis which was used to adapt and improve my current nutritional habits and to help me reduce my body fat % and also to teach me when to eat and the correct foods to eat, particularly leading up to an event. Howard provided nutritional plans with breakdowns of suggested meals which contained the correct calculated micronutrients needed for me to be properly fuelled leading into my big races. Metabolic testing was also looked at to help determine energy requirements and Howard provided a breakdown of what fuel I would need to take on board during events to provide my body with the correct amount of energy needed. 


Overall the help Howard has provided me over the many months of working together has provided me with a better understanding of what I require. I obtained my elite category license and 23 wins in 2015 and credit part of this success to the nutritional help which has been provided to me and I would highly recommend Howard to anybody who is looking to vastly improve their performance as an athlete".

Mike F (Cat 2 Cyclist)

"I've been riding for over 20 years and thought I knew pretty much what to eat and drink. I asked Howard to assess my diet more out of curiosity and to confirm what I was doing was right, but he soon made me realise there were several improvements I could make, particularly to aid recovery. Since doing the assessment, I've lose 3 kg and recover far better from tough training sessions. As a result I'm riding and racing better than I have for several year. I'd highly recommend his services"