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Sport Science Services

We offer a range of performance tests that will help identify your current fitness and determine any areas for improvement. Along with the services listed below we can provide bespoke testing packages for individuals and teams upon request. Please call or email to discuss further.


Peak power test (£35)


Though short in nature, this is a hard test designed to determine the highest power output and rpm an athlete can produce over a short period of time. Following a warm up the test involves 2 maximal cycling sprint tests with 2 minutes active recovery between sprints. This test is ideal to perform at the start and end of a training plan/block to assess progression.


Cycling Maximal aerobic power (MAP) (£80)


The MAP test is an assessment of aerobic power and has been shown to be an important factor in endurance performance. This test involves cycling typically between 7-12 minutes, with the intensity increasing every 2 minutes. From the test we will determine the following:

  • Maximal heart rate

  • Maximal aerobic power (W)

  • Heart rate and power training zones


Functional Threshold Power (FTP) test (£80)


Functional threshold power is indicative of the power output that can be sustained over a 1 hour cycle. Following a structured warm up this is determined by conducting a 20 minute maximal effort time trial from which we then take the average power output minus 5%. The resulting value has been strongly linked to the average power a person can sustain over a 1 hour period and endurance performance. From this we can then determine accurate power and heart rate training zones to help optimise your training.


Please contact us at or 07881 817625 to book one of our tests or for further information.

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