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Proform Sport Science is a UK based company that provides nutrition and coaching support services to  athletes and the general public, no matter what your level of fitness is. Whether you are looking for support to improve training and competition performance, looking for support with multi-day adventure challenges, or simply looking to improve your general health and wellbeing, we have a range of services to help you achieve your personal goals. We are also available for group lectures, workshops and seminars to sports clubs/teams and businesses.

Nutrition & Body Composition

A good nutritional plan and optimal body composition is as important as the training itself if you want to performance to the best of your ability or achieve your wellness goals. However, there is a huge array of conflicting information online and in magazines that claim the benefits of different foods and supplements that are not supported with scientific evidence. At Proform Sport Science we are Registered Nutritionists and also qualified to PhD level, therefore we can help you cut through the hype and provide scientifically backed advice on what to eat to achieve your individual goal. Click here for further information on our nutrition and body composition services.



You are twice as likely to achieve your goals if you have a structured training plan. Whether you're a novice or elite athlete looking to improve performance or looking to improve general fitness and health, we can help you achieve those goals. If you are looking for a training plan you can follow on your own, we offer a range of simple training plans available from our Training Peaks store. These all come with a free Training Peaks account so you can upload your training data and monitor your progress. However, if you require more customised training plans and full coaching support we offer 1-2-1 coaching services.  Click here for further information.

Please take a look at our services and contact us at or on 07881 817625 to arrange a free no obligation 15 minute call to discuss your requirements further.

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