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Sport Science Testing

We offer a range of sport science tests designed to determine your current strengths and weakness. Knowledge of your current fitness levels will help determine accurate training zones and in the development of personalised training plans. Click the image above to find out more about the tests available.

Nutrition & Body Composition

A good nutritional plan and optimal body composition is as important as training itself if you want to performance to the best of your ability. There is a huge array of conflicting information out there, but at Proform Sport Science we can perform detailed body composition assessments and help analyse your current diet using industry leading software and provide nutritional advice to support your training, race day performance and recovery. Click the image for further information.


You are twice as likely to achieve your sporting goals if you have a structured training plan. Whether you're a novice or elite athlete we can help you achieve those goals. If you are looking for a simple training plan for your first marathon or triathlon, we offer a range of training plans for purchase from our Training Peaks store. These all come with a free Training Peaks athlete account so you can upload your training data and monitor your progress. If however, you require more customised training plans and full coaching support we now offer 1-2-1 coaching services.  Click the image for further information.

Please contact us at or 07881 817625 to book one of our tests for for further information.

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